" Hi My name is Tom Thornton and although I can't carry a tune in a bucket or play any instrument I have alway loved to hear the piano. My favorite piece was always Floyd Cramer's "Last Date" and the first thing I wanted my daughter, Gianna to play when she started taking piano lessons was that piece. In 2007 I was driving my youngest son Chris's truck to Boise, Idaho from Roseville ,California. Just outside of Reno, I discovered a new  CD in his player I actually played it the entire way to Boise. I found it to be perfect for the long drive and I was relaxed the whole time. When I arrived and asked Chris where he got it, I was caught completely by surprise that it was not available in stores but was my daughter Gianna' s, brotherinlaw, Rob Fisher. Needless to say,  when Gianna sent me this link I had to include these comments on his website. I know you will enjoy his music."       -Tom Thornton

 "This cd is enjoyed by my whole family. My children ages 2 and 4 listen to it every night at bedtime. Classical piano with a twist at it's very best!"       -Amy Goebel

"Exceptional compositions. The music is very relaxing without being boring or monotonous. I especially like Pacific's Edge and The Waves Roll In. They capture the true feeling of the ocean."       -Mary Feist


 "Well done, clean and relaxing"       -Mike Beers

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